ITC Examinations

personInitial Test of Competence (ITC)

The Initial Test of Competence (ITC) is the standard-setting exam which is written after the completion of an accredited PGDA programme and is an assessment of core technical competence. To be eligible to write this exam a candidate must hold a PGDA that has been accredited by SAICA.

ITC exam format or eligibility

A candidate is eligible to sit for the ITC for a period of three consecutive years. This starts the year after the date on which the SAICA accredited post-graduate qualification was attained by the candidate (for even if the supplementary exam result was received in 2020, the qualification was still received for 2019).

APC Examinations

contact_phone Assessment of Professional Competence (APC)

Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) is the second part of the qualifying examination which assesses professional competence. To be eligible candidates must have passed the ITC, completed 20 months of a registered training contract and successfully completed a professional programme.